Affordable Houston Law Firm Website Design

Affordable Houston Law Firm Website Design

Need Affordable and Beautiful Houston Law Firm Website Design?

Having the right online presence is imperative to the success of your Houston law firm practice.  Your website is the “front door” to your business.  If your current website is outdated or does not best represent your law firm, it may be time to consider getting a new website.  Furthermore, if you haven’t updated your website in a few years, it is also very likely that it doesn’t comply with all of the new Google Algorithms, such as the Mobile Algorithm that was rolled out a few years ago.

A mobile responsive website conforms down to the appropriate dimensions and is responsive on any device.  Whether you view your website on an iPhone 6, 7, 8 or iPhone X, iPad or iPad mini, your website should automatically adjust the layout and size to look good on every device.

Below is an example of how a mobile responsive law firm website should look on various devices.

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Understand the Elements that Make a Law Firm Website Conversion Friendly

You must have call to actions on your website. An effective call to action prompts the website visitor to take some type of action, whether that means to call you, email you, or opt-in to your email list in exchange for some information (known as a lead magnet).

Another tool used to help increase your law firm website conversions is to add a chat feature/widget to the website.  A chat feature makes it easy for your potential clients to ask a quick question.   It allows your website visitors to chat and submit their question along with their name, phone number, and email.  The information then is sent directly to your email and just like that, you have a new lead that you can work towards turning into a client.

In addition, having the right images on your website is so important to attract the right clients.  Invest in a professional photo shoot for your law firm and use those pictures throughout your website.  Furthermore, make sure that each attorney’s bio photo is professional and that the background and look and feel is consistent throughout.


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